The NoKyc NFT 'Phygital' Collection

The NoKyc NFT 'Phygital' Collection

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Coinpower's Phygital Creation 🚀
We, at Coinpower, have created our own "phygital" T-shirt. We've innovatively combined the virtual world with a limited physical object. The NFT is launched on the Polygon blockchain for cheap and fast transactions. You can visit our NoKyc collection HERE.

Industry Participation and Growth 🌐
This concept is still new to many, but major brands like Bugatti, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Dior, and Solana have already joined the space.

Investment Success 💹
Every "phygital" purchased by our premium members in the past 12 months has at least doubled in value, and that's without any hype yet. Of course there is never any guarantee in this crypto world, but in this case, whenever it turns out into 'nothing', you always have the physical t-shirt backing your money, which is a very nice and unique item on its own! And this is what it make so easy as well, the only risk is that your t-shirt is not skyrocketing in price..

Revolutionizing NFTs 🎨
Unlike traditional NFTs, which are merely digital images, our next-gen NFTs are backed by real physical products in our case a unique T-shirt. We foresaw this trend and started our project early, which is now successfully completed.

The NFC chip is a bridge 🛣
The NFC chip is the bridge between the physical t-shirt and the NFT on the blockchain. The NFC chip is linked to your NFT, as long as you keep your NFT safe in your wallet, no one can ever claim the right on this physical shirt. Its very important to keep the NFC chip safe with your shirt, because we can't replace it!

Exclusive Release 🌟
So we've also created our own limited-edition phygital, with only 1000 units ever made. The first 100 are set to release now. These are likely to sell out quickly, as our premium members have first access and the interest is very high. If you want one in the first release there is no other option than join the premium because they will get the first buy change, secure your one of the first 100. If the 'phgitals' are sold out, you must wait for the second batch to come out, the second 100 t-shirts will follow the floor price of the first 100 t-shirts. So the second 100 t-shirts could be higher in price as the first 100 t-shirts.

We also made a extra bonus item free for all NFT physical holders 🌟
This item let you access the virtual world as well, so you get to know the new and old world at same time!

Contact 💬
After payment go to telegram support, you will be add to the Discord server where you can view all the updates of the project and follow the developments. More questions can be asked the support on this website or the support chat on Telegram

Team Coinpower