Private Operation system TAILS on USB

Private Operation system TAILS on USB

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Your secure computer everywhere on every place on the planet!


This USB TAILS is an open source project.

This project is called TAILS and it is completely free. It is the most secure program in the world and this system has never been cracked. With this system you own a completely anonymous operate system on your key chain.


This system has never been cracked and is being worked on by a large community. The system works on Linux and has its own VOLT. In addition, you can also link PGP to it and a special tor chat.


We give the possibility to do this yourself, but if you do not install this properly, you are in danger! What we can do for you is make this system fully operational and send it to you. This is a day's work for us and after this you can safely use this great system.


We ask 120 euros for this and this will then be sent to you ready with instructions. We first wanted to sell it more expensive, but because we are coinpower, we just tell you what this system contains so that you can of course check this completely and possibly do it yourself.


To use this usb, shut down the computer and start on your USB stick instead of starting on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

You can temporarily turn your own computer into a secure machine. You can also stay safe while using the computer of somebody else.

This anonomus USB works on most computers less than 10 years old. You can start again on the other operating system after you shut down your USB

You don't have to worry about the computer having viruses because this USB runs independently from the other operating system and never uses the hard disk. But, its not safe to use it on a computer with malicious hardware, like keyloggers.


If you want to outsource this to us, we are happy to do this for you. We built a tutorial how to install a Monero wallet on Tails, when you recieve our Tails USB contact us on telegram and we will send you the tutorial link.


Team Coinpower