1 Crypto Investment Group (Discord Premium)
1 Crypto Investment Group (Discord Premium)

1 Crypto Investment Group (Discord Premium)

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Exclusive Crypto Group (after payment contact admin woutergevers on telegram)

Get access to the most exclusive crypto platform on discord you've ever seen. We build a hardcore crypto portfolio with our members and are completely independent of market movements. We give our members a crypto experience that you won't find anywhere else we are 100% unique. We are not frozen by fear or hyped by FOMO, we have a tight plan that puts us above the market and allows us to see much better.

Hereby we give hidden gems that we get from the depths of the market. And tell you how to buy them (with video) and then buy the coins with a tight plan. If you are curious and not yet convinced, take a look at our discord platform and see the experiences of current premium members. (open section #reviews)

You will also receive video lessons for the right investment mindset with us, giving you a good insight into the functioning of the crypto market shared by Mano Crypto, an experienced crypto specialist who has been active in the markets since 2013!


Discord app
Our premium channel is located on the Discord app, (after payment contact admin woutergevers on telegram) after payment you will be added by our team in the discord premium groups. The public discord link can be found here.


Direct support

For questions contact us here on website support, telegram support, (Nederlands - Englisch - Espaniol - Arabic - French) 


Crypto payments supported 

We only accept crypto payments as we are a crypto group and of course we very support this. We expect our exclusive members to be able to carry out a crypto transaction as well, paying with crypto is supporting crypto adoption, if you can't do this you can't join us. 


See you soon 

Hopefully we will soon see you active in the largest crypto community in the Benelux since 2013!


Terms & Conditions 

Their is never any garantee, you can always lose your money this is still trading/investing! Trade only with money you can lose! But we will never have an automatic montly payment, so if you paid the subscription of 30 euro and you don't like it you can always leave the premium trading group when your time is over. Remember their is no refund of this money. Members most also be 18 years or older we don't accept any underaged members. 


Team Coinpower