Tails explained

Here we explain step by step how you, as a new owner of the Tails OS USB, create your own account. Tails comes standard without an account.

If you use tails without an account, nothing you are doing is saved. For some this is finer, but for most it is of course important that your network is preserved or that you can safely store documents in your own account.

Below we will explain step by step how to create your own account.


Step 1.

The first step is to get to the boot menu. This is of course different for every computer. You do this by turning on your computer and pressing F10 or F9 or F1 or ESC at the same time (this can also be another button for your computer). You have to check for yourself what kind of computer you have to find the boot button.

Step 2.

Then you come to a black screen with the choice of tails and tails safemenu. Here you just choose tails and press enter.

Step 3.

Then you come to a black page with 3 blocks in the middle. This is the loading page here you just have to wait until you are redirected to the next page.

Step 4.

The next screen is the startup screen. You just press "start tails" at the top left.

Step 5.

After pressing "Start Tails" you will arrive at the start screen. This is basically your secure environment. You can do what you want here without having to be afraid of "big brother" but for our purpose we go a step further to create your own encrypted account.

Step 6.

You are now going to press "applications" in the top left. You will then see "Configure Persistent Volume" and click on it.

Step 7.

You will now see the screen appear to choose a password for your "persistence volume" of course you choose one that is strong in case of brute force, an account is only as strong as your password so make sure you choose a good password. Once you have chosen the password, confirm it again. and press OK your "persistance volume" will be created. Remember your password very well if you lose it you can never get into your account again!

Step 8.

Then when the account is created you will see a new screen pop up. Here you make sure you check everything from top to bottom, so you push "welcome screen" - "tor bridge" - "Browser bookmark" and you push them all till the bottem. This is very important because otherwise your persistence volume is worthless. After you have checked everything, press OK.

Step 9.

Now you will restart tails, you press start and then you will restart your tails as in step 1.


Step 10.

You will now return again to the start-up screen but now you will see a few changes. Now you can enter a password. Here you enter your password that you have provided when created your "persistance volume" . Then press "unlock" next to the password. You will see that the locker now is on unluck mode. 


Step 11.

If you have entered the correct password and your "persistence volume" is unlocked, press "start tails" and you will now enter your own account. You can save your documents here, you can of course save your WiFi here so that you don't have to type in your WiFi code every time. You can also use your own PGP keys and much more here. And thats it. 

Instal Monero wallet on Tails 

Feather XMR wallet


Electrum-like Monero wallet. Optimized for Tails. Download and run, no complicated setup required.

Start installing


The estimated space requirement for the complete installation is less than 30 MB. The installation should only take a minute or two to complete.

Enabling Tails persistence

It is highly recommended to store your wallet files on a persistent volume. If you haven't already set up your persistent storage, follow the instructions  above first to set it up.

Installing Feather

1. Download the latest AppImage for Tails from featherwallet.org/download

 - Wait for the download to finish before continuing

2. Move the AppImage to a Persistent directory if you want your wallets to be saved


3. Make the AppImage executable

 - Right click on the AppImage -> Properties -> Permissions
 - Check "Allow executing file as program"

4. Start Feather

 - Right click -> Run

Feather will automatically connect to a remote node. If you would like to use your own node, go to File -> Settings -> Node and add a custom node.


The next time you start/boot Tails:

Simply double click on the AppImage to start Feather. Your wallets will be detected automatically.

Only if you have the persistant installed ofcourse.

How to use Telegram on tails 


Go to the website https://web.telegram.org/k/ and scan with your phone the QR code and you can chat on Tails with your 

own telegram account. 


Enjoy Tails and stay safe in this dark times