Start tails on PC

Start tails from a PC 
  1. When your PC is turned on, put your USB tails in the USB port
  2. Click on the Start  button.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key while you choose Power ▸ Restart.

  4. In the Choose an option screen, choose Use a device.

    (if this screen here not appear than this tails can not run on your PC and you need to use a other device)

  5. In the Use a device screen, choose Boot Menu

    Windows shuts down, the computer restarts, and a Boot Menu appears.


    The Boot Menu is a list of possible devices to start from. The following screenshot is an example of a Boot Menu:

  6. In the Boot Menu, select your USB stick and press Enter.

  7. If the computer starts on Tails, the Boot Loader appears and Tails starts automatically after 4 seconds.

    Black screen ('GNU GRUB') with Tails logo and 2 options: 'Tails' and 'Tails (Troubleshooting Mode)'.