X's New ID Verification for Premium Users 🆔✅🔐

X introduces ID verification for paid accounts 🆔✅ Users can receive extra benefits by verifying their account with a government ID.

Key Points:

  • What's New? Social media platform X (formerly Twitter) now allows paid users to verify their accounts using a government ID. 🐦➡️X
  • Why? This is to prevent impersonation and maintain the integrity of the platform. 🚫🎭
  • Partnership: X is partnering with Israel-based verification company AU10TIX for this feature. 🤝🇮🇱
  • Privacy: AU10TIX may store photos of IDs and biometric data for up to 30 days. This prompted X to update its privacy policy. 📸🔒
  • Benefits: Verified users will get a label "this account is ID verified" and will receive prioritized support from X. More benefits are also in development. 🌟🔵
  • Re-verification: Users may be asked to re-verify in case of major account changes or for security reasons. 🔁🔍
  • Future Features: X might use ID verification for other features, and users who participate could get extra benefits. 🚀🎁
  • Availability: ID verification is available in numerous countries, but currently not in the EU, EEA, or UK due to strict data protection laws. However, this is coming "soon". 🌍🔜
  • What's next? : As we warned you all long time ago, this will now start as "just to get some more extra's", but it will end with "its obligated" 
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