With corona time, also Hamas's forced draconian laws on the people of Gaza

🔒Hamas Enforces Lockdown in Gaza In response to a surge in COVID-19 cases, Hamas, the de facto governing authority in the Gaza Strip, imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of the virus. The lockdown entailed significant restrictions on citizens' mobility and the closure of many businesses and shops.

💉Launch of Vaccination Campaign With the arrival of the first vaccines in the blockaded coastal area, the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip initiated a vaccination drive. Former health ministers and several medical workers were the first to receive the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, followed by more medical workers and patients.

🚫Closure of Shops and Businesses As part of the lockdown measures, many shops and businesses were closed to promote social distancing and minimize the spread of the virus. These measures significantly impacted the local economy and the daily lives of people.

🤝International Aid and Vaccine Deliveries Palestinian authorities received vaccine doses from the United Arab Emirates and China, although this was only enough for a small portion of the population in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West. There was some delay, but eventually, Israel allowed the Palestinian Authority to deliver the first coronavirus vaccines to the Gaza.

👥Population's Response The population was instructed to strictly adhere to the lockdown measures to prevent further spread of the virus and to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the area.

Through enforcing the lockdown, launching the vaccination campaign, and closing shops and businesses, Hamas demonstrated its commitment to addressing the pandemic in the Gaza Strip, despite the many challenges and limited resources in the area.

🤬Does this feel like “Hamas” is on the side of the people? We in the West hated what governments did to us with this fake virus, to this day people struggle because of the draconian measures that were implemented. Hamas is no different than other governments that oppress their people and together with Israel are now finalizing genocide. F*ck Hamas! Long live the people of gaza!

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