What Happened to John McAfee? 🤔

Spanish Court Confirms Death By Suicide. 🇪🇸
- Brief Summary: The Spanish court has officially confirmed that the cause of death for cryptocurrency entrepreneur John McAfee was suicide. 💔
- Background: John's body was found in his prison cell in June 2021, just hours after the approval of his extradition to the US. 🏢
- Wife's Doubts: Janice McAfee, John's widow, had doubts about the suicide explanation. She started a petition for an independent autopsy. She believed John was ready for his legal battle. 📜
- Tatoo stated 'waked' : John himself said online he was happy in prison and if he hanged himself, it wouldn't be his fault. He even got the Tatoo stated 'waked' in case they would kill him, because he said he would never kill himself 🕵️‍♂️
- Legal Troubles: John was arrested in Spain in October 2020 at the request of the US. He was accused of deceiving investors and tax evasion. John claimed the accusations were politically motivated. ⚖️
- New Claims: In August 2022, John's ex-girlfriend claimed in a Netflix documentary that he was still alive and hiding in Texas. 🎥
- End of Investigation: The Spanish court has officially confirmed John's suicide, ending the legal investigation into his death. ⛔
- Sinister detail : John McAfee's body is still in a cooling cel in Spain, the Spanish Government doesn't want to give the body back for the funeral, probably because the so called "suicide" wasn't suicide at all, they will wait until the body is to old for external autopsy because that body hides his real death cause. 🕴️
- Killers : This case with John McAfee shows how high corruption leads and that governments kill you without hasitation.. ☣️

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