What are white Phosphorus Bombs? 💣💨

🔥 What are White Phosphorus Bombs?
These are weapons containing a substance called white phosphorus. When this substance comes into contact with oxygen, it ignites.

💨 Smoke Screens: 
White phosphorus produces a dense white smoke. For this reason, it's sometimes used to create smoke screens.

🔴 Contact with Skin: 
When white phosphorus comes into contact with human skin, it can burn and cause penetrating burns. These burns are particularly painful and hard to treat as the phosphorus continues to burn as long as it has access to oxygen.

🫁 Effect on Lungs and Inside the Body: 
When inhaled, the smoke from white phosphorus can irritate the respiratory tract and harm the lungs. This can lead to breathing difficulties and other internal injuries.

🤕 Dangerous Injuries
In addition to burns and respiratory problems, white phosphorus can also ignite clothing and other materials.

Controversy and Prohibition: 
Using white phosphorus against people in war zones is absolutely prohibited under international law. Specifically, it's regulated under Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. Targeting these weapons at civilians is strictly forbidden.

⚖️ International Rules: 
Global regulations, such as the articles in International Humanitarian Law, limit how and where you can use white phosphorus. Its use against humans is prohibited in all situations.

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