Wallet Drainer Ethereum Steals $60M in Six Months

πŸ’Έ Big Theft: Hackers have stolen over $60 million in crypto in just six months.

πŸ” How They Do It: They're using a code trick called Create2. This lets them sneak past security warnings when users accidentally approve harmful actions.

πŸ›‘οΈ Bypassing Security:Β Create2 is usually a helpful tool in Ethereum, used for setting up contracts. But hackers are twisting it to secretly make temporary wallets. When you click on a bad link or approve something suspicious, they get into your wallet.

πŸ“Š Stats & Facts: Research from ScamSniffer and SlowMist shows about 99,000 people lost $60 million. One group alone used Create2 to take $3 million from 11 people since August.

πŸ”” Stay Alert: Always double-check what you're approving in your crypto wallet. Watch out for strange links and offers!

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