US Veto Hinders Aid to Gaza

🚫US Blocks Help for Gaza
On October 18, 2023, the US said no to a United Nations plan. The plan was to have "quiet times" during the fights in Gaza to allow help to reach people who need i​t.

🇺🇸US Reasons Seem Unfair
The US person at the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, didn’t like the plan because it didn’t talk about Israel’s right to protect itself. But many see this as not a good reason to stop help from reaching people in need.

🆘People in Gaza Need Help
The no from the US came at a very tense time between Israel and Gaza. Many people in Gaza needed food, medicine, and other help. The plan aimed to make sure this help reaches the people during "quiet times" when there’s no fighting.

🔄US No Makes Things Worse
By saying no, the US made it hard for help to reach the people in Gaza. This action made a bad situation even worse. It showed that sometimes political sides can get in the way of helping people in tough situations.

This story highlights how a big decision from a powerful country like the US can have a big impact on people living in hard conditions in places like Gaza.

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