Turkish citizens are increasingly cancelling their Visa and Mastercards

🇹🇷 Turkish Boycott Against Visa and Mastercard In Türkiye, people are canceling their Visa and Mastercards. This is part of a boycott against companies that support Israel, as reported by the local newspaper Yeni Safak.

🔁 Switching to Local Payment System Turks are moving to the country's own payment system called Troy, overwhelming banks with the high demand for these local cards. Troy was started in Istanbul in 2015.

📈 Surge in Troy Card Usage Due to the boycott of Visa and Mastercard, almost 19 million new Troy cards have been issued. Troy offers similar services like credit, debit, and prepaid cards and is accepted in the U.S. through the Discover Card network. This switch is also part of a wider protest that includes boycotting other brands like Coca-Cola and Nestle in the Turkish parliament.

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