Turkey accuses EU of double standards

🌍 Türkiye's Critique on EU's Approach Türkiye has called out the European Union for being unfair. They are angry because the EU criticized them for not meeting democratic standards, but at the same time, the EU wants to start membership talks with Ukraine.

📜 EU's Enlargement Report The EU's report says that Türkiye hasn't made enough changes to meet EU standards, especially in areas like the justice system and laws. The report also accused Türkiye of moving away from democratic values and not following the rule of law.

🇪🇺 EU's Stance on Türkiye and Ukraine While the EU criticizes Türkiye, it recommends that Ukraine and Moldova should start talks to join the EU. The EU thinks Ukraine has made a lot of changes, even during its conflict with Russia, to meet EU membership requirements.

✊ Türkiye's Response to Criticism The Turkish Foreign Ministry views the EU's criticism as a form of "praise," defending Ankara's position on the Hamas-Israel conflict. They accuse the EU of hypocrisy, saying : "The EU is on the wrong side of history in the face of a massacre that is reminiscent of the darkness of medieval times." The ministry emphasizes that principles like international law and humanitarian values should apply everywhere, not just in Ukraine but also in the Middle East.

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