Tor2door Darknet Market Disappears: Suspected of Stealing Huge Crypto Funds"

🚨 Darknet Marketplace Exit Scam Alert!
A darknet marketplace called Tor2door is suspected of an exit scam, allegedly taking a large crypto balance with them. The site disappeared on September 14, 2023, causing a stir among its users.

πŸ” What Happened with Tor2door?

  • Exit Scam Suspicions: Reports suggest Tor2door might have pulled off an exit scam, leaving users and vendors without their funds.
  • Dark Fail's Insight: On social media platform X, a researcher named 'Dark Fail' highlighted the issue, saying, β€œTor2door darknet market exit scammed this week, stealing a massive crypto escrow balance..."

πŸ“… Tor2door's History:
Launched in July 2020, Tor2door was known for illegal drug deals and also provided guides on hacking and fraud. The website gave a detailed account of the alleged scam.

πŸ“Š Market Stats:

  • Over 19,000 listings
  • 900 unique vendors

πŸ”— Site Disappearance:
Concerns began on September 14, 2023, when Tor2door's links stopped working. Users and vendors tried reaching out to the site's admins with no response.

🌐 Online Chatter:
On the Reddit forum r/topdarknetmarketplace, users discussed the site's disappearance. One post warned, β€œTor2door has been down for 2 days now... Be careful folks.” Another speculated about a potential law enforcement takedown.

πŸš” DNMs & Law Enforcement:
Since the Silk Road era, there's been a continuous battle between darknet marketplaces and law enforcement.

πŸ”„ Other Markets React:
Competing markets like Cypher and Dark Matter are now trying to attract former Tor2door users to their platforms.

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