⚔️ Musk Warns: EU Immigration Could Lead to Civil War in the EU

🔮 Musk predicts ‘civil war’ in Europe The billionaire suggests that the EU's stance on immigration could lead to internal conflict.

🌍 Entrepreneur Elon Musk has voiced concerns over the European Union's immigrant-welcoming policies, hinting at potential civil unrest. His comments come after his recent visit to the US southern border, shedding light on the contentious immigration debate in the US.

📢 “If current trends continue, civil war in Europe is inevitable,” Musk expressed on X (formerly Twitter).

🎙️ In a discussion with Konstantin Kisin, a Moscow-born British commentator, Musk responded to Kisin's criticism of “people celebrating rape and murder by a proscribed terrorist organisation.” Kisin highlighted the pro-Palestinian demonstrations following the recent Hamas incursion into southern Israel.

🚫 Kisin emphasized the need for a more discerning immigration policy, ensuring newcomers align with European "cultural values."

📚 Referencing British author Douglas Murray, Kisin agreed with the sentiment that European civilization might be on a self-destructive path, as detailed in Murray's 2017 book ‘The Strange Death of Europe’.

🇺🇸 Immigration remains a divisive topic in the US. Critics accuse President Joe Biden of neglecting illegal border activities. Musk, having visited the border city of Eagle Pass in Texas, called for a more streamlined legal immigration process. Despite the challenges, he remains “extremely pro-immigrant,” drawing from his personal experience as a naturalized US citizen.

🔥 Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized her colleague, Tony Gonzales of Texas, for accompanying Musk during his border visit. She accused Gonzales of prioritizing a trip with Musk over crucial government duties in Washington DC.

💼 The ongoing budgetary debate in Congress continues, with a recent compromise stopgap spending bill being passed.

🚫 Musk's past interactions with Ocasio-Cortez have been tense, with him once labeling her views on immigration as “not very smart.”

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