🇳🇱 Teenage Stabber Released in Belgium After Fatal Incident at Club Ikon 🌃🚫

🇳🇱 No Consequences in the Netherlands: The 17-year-old perpetrator of the fatal stabbing at Club Ikon in Antwerp has been released. He's from Bergen op Zoom and admitted to the stabbing. In the incident, 20-year-old Mohssin A.M. from Rotterdam lost his life.
🚔 Self-surrendered: Four days after the incident, he turned himself in to the Antwerp police. He stated the stabbing occurred during a fight in Club Ikon's parking lot and that he had not "stabbed intentionally."
🔓 Juvenile Judge's Decision: After fourteen days, the juvenile judge decided to release the boy. The Antwerp prosecutor's office opposed this decision, but it was concluded not to appeal. This means the perpetrator can return to the Netherlands without further consequences.
🥊 Massive Brawl: The stabbing happened early on Sunday, September 17. After a dispute in Club Ikon, a fight broke out in the parking lot where Mohssin A.M. was stabbed multiple times in the chest and later died in the hospital.
🚨 Arrests: Police arrested seven suspects after the incident. All were involved in the brawls, but not in the fatal stabbing. After questioning, they were all released.

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