Spokes Man Meta On Wanted List Russia

🚨 Meta Spokesperson on Russia's Wanted List
Russia has added Andy Stone, a Meta spokesperson, to its wanted list, following a criminal case related to calls for violence against Russians.

💼 Meta's Extremist Label in Russia
After the Ukraine conflict began, Russia labeled Meta as extremist, blocking Facebook and Instagram for hate speech and alleged false content about Moscow's military actions.

🗣️ Meta's Relaxed Content Rules
In March 2022, Meta temporarily allowed violent speech against Russians on Facebook and Instagram

📢 Stone's Response to Policy Changes
Andy Stone clarified Meta's stance, stating that while they permitted political expressions against Russian invaders, calls for violence against Russian civilians were still prohibited.

🌐 Meta's Global Policy Scrutiny
This policy decision, aimed at giving Ukrainians a voice, was criticized even by the UN Secretary-General for its potential to incite violence.

🔍 Russia's Criminal Case Against Meta Employees
Russia's Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case against Meta employees for alleged illegal calls for murder and violence, potentially violating Russian law.

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