Rioters should be ‘shot in the head’ – Chechen leader

Rioters & Lethal Force 🚫🔫
Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of Chechnya, commands using lethal force on rioters resisting law enforcement Rioters should be ‘shot in the head’ This follows an attempted anti-Jewish pogrom at Dagestan's airport.

Kadyrov's Directive 📢🚓
During a meeting, Kadyrov stated that after three warning shots, non-compliant individuals should receive a bullet in the forehead, dubbing it an “order.”

Airport Breach & Clash 👥✈️
A mob, influenced by claims of Israeli refugees arriving, stormed Makhachkala's airport. The riot police's intervention led to 20 injuries.

Putin's Accusations 🇷🇺🇺🇦
Vladimir Putin accuses Ukraine and its Western allies of fueling this crisis, pointing to Ukraine's Nazi support during WWII.

Kadyrov's Social Media Plea 🙏💬
On social media, Kadyrov emphasized the importance of heeding elders' advice and condemned the rioters, urging the youth not to become a “mindless mob.”

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