Ragnar Locker Ransomware Group Dismantled by Europol

Europol busts major ransomware gang 🚫💻
Europol dismantles the Ragnar Locker group, a notorious multinational ransomware operation. Their activities have been a significant threat in recent years, spanning multiple countries.

International Collaboration: 🌍
A joint effort involving eleven nations led to the takedown. Spearheaded by the French National Gendarmerie, countries like Germany, Japan, and the USA played crucial roles, with initial arrests in Ukraine in 2021.

Operation Details: 🕵️
Between October 16-20, actions peaked with searches in Latvia, Spain, and the Czech Republic. The group's suspected leader was arrested in France, and five other suspects were subsequently interrogated.

Seizure and Shutdown: 🚷
Servers and infrastructure in the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden were confiscated. This action led to the shutdown of Ragnar Locker's dark web leak site, a significant operational tool.

Ragnar Locker's Modus Operandi: 🎯
Since December 2019, the group exploited remote access software, targeting entities and demanding ransoms. They threatened data leaks on the dark web if victims contacted authorities.

Notable Attacks: 📌
Their major attacks include targeting TAP Air Portugal in 2022 and Israel's Mayanei Hayeshua hospital in September of the same year.

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