🇷🇺 Putin: Israel has right to self-defense

🕊️ The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, believes that Israel "certainly" has the right to defend itself against Hamas' brutality.

🕊️ He emphasizes that only peaceful coexistence with a Palestinian state, as proposed by the UN, can resolve the conflict in the long term.

💔 Putin expresses concern over the escalation of violence in the Middle East, highlighting the toll on Israeli and Palestinian civilians.

🛡️ Israel was subjected to "an attack that was unprecedented in its brutality" and has the right to defend itself to ensure peaceful existence.

🇺🇸 Putin blames the crisis on US foreign policy, stating that the one-sided US approach pushed the situation further into a deadlock.

🏡 He notes that Israel's "settlement activities" contributed to the disruption of the peace process.

🚀 Reports of a possible Israeli ground operation in Gaza have fueled Russia's concerns.

🏙️ Using heavy military hardware in urban areas is a risky move that can have serious consequences.

Civilian casualties are deemed "absolutely unacceptable."

🕊️ Putin calls for de-escalation and emphasizes that implementing the UN-endorsed two-state proposal is the way to lasting peace in the Middle East.

🇰🇬 Putin made these remarks at a meeting of the leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

🇮🇱 Israel has vowed to obliterate Hamas for its deadly attack and ordered residents in the northern part of Gaza to relocate south for their safety.

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