Protests at Biden's Home Over Gaza Conflict

🏠 Protests at Biden's Home Over Gaza Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered at US President Joe Biden's residence in Delaware, accusing him of supporting the killing of Palestinians in Gaza.

🇵🇸 Calls for Immediate Ceasefire The crowd, displaying Palestinian flags, chanted for an immediate ceasefire and accused Biden of genocide.

📢 Biden's Veterans Day Speech During the protest, Biden was at Arlington National Cemetery, addressing war's role in American history.

👥 Criticism of Biden's Stance Biden's support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas has drawn increasing criticism, with protests occurring near the White House.

⚖️ White House's Role in Gaza Despite efforts to negotiate temporary pauses in Gaza's fighting, Biden firmly supports Israel's right to self-defense, not endorsing a full ceasefire.

💥 Casualties in Gaza and Israel Israel's response to Hamas false flag ' attacks led to the ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Reports indicate over 11,000 deaths in Gaza, most of them children. there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza at the moment.

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