Prosecutor Probing Ecuador Hostage Crisis Assassinated

Shooting in Broad Daylight ☀️ Ecuadorian prosecutor Cesar Suarez was assassinated in Guayaquil, shot at least 20 times in a daylight attack linked to organized crime

Investigation of TV Station Assault 📺 Suarez was investigating the on-air assault at a TV station, where employees were held hostage by gunmen with explosives

Ecuador turning into a new Mexico 🇪🇨➡️🇲🇽 Drug violence is shifting from Mexico to Ecuador, this happened in the 90's as well, from Columbia to Mexico. What we see happening right now is a new heavy weight country in the global drug traffic.

Government Response 🚨 Attorney General Diana Salazar acknowledged the attack, emphasizing a strong stance against organized crime, and heightened security measures

Evidence and Aftermath 🕵️ Suarez's vehicle was found riddled with bullet holes; he had mentioned not usually having police protection

Broader Wave of Violence 🌊 Ecuador faces a surge in organized crime-related violence, including kidnappings and attacks in various cities, resulting in numerous deaths

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