Possibly A New Solana Phone Coming

🚀 New Solana Mobile Smartphone
Solana Mobile plans to launch a second smartphone, building on the unexpected success of their first crypto-ready smartphone.

🛠️ Enhanced Features & Lower Price
The new phone will retain the same basic features as its predecessor, Saga: an onboard crypto wallet, custom Android software, and a "dApp store" for crypto applications – but at a lower price point and with different hardware.

💲 Original Saga: Price Drop
The original Saga phone was launched at $1000 but later saw a price reduction due to lagging sales.

🔥 Hot Secondary Market for Saga
The new Solana Mobile phone could help cool down the red-hot secondary market for the limited supply of Saga smartphones. A factory-sealed Saga device was fetching bids of $3,200 on eBay.

🔄 Changing Fortunes of Saga
Initially, Saga struggled to find a market. This changed swiftly when traders discovered the phone came with BONK tokens, quickly leading to the phone selling out.

🎯 Contrarian Bets Prove Right
In the following month, Saga phones continued to yield dividends for their owners, with various projects dropping lucrative tokens and NFTs to the 15,000 phones in circulation. These airdrops have strengthened the community around Saga.

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