New Humane's Ai Pin is a $699 Smartphone Alternative You Wear All Day

🚀 Humane's 'Ai Pin' Release
Humane, a tech company, has launched a new wearable called 'Ai Pin' for $699. This gadget adds smart AI to your clothes.

👕 Design & Use
You can wear Ai Pin on your clothes. It talks to a virtual helper using OpenAI tech and shows text and simple pictures on your hand.

🍏 Background of Humane
Made by people who used to work at Apple, Humane focuses on AI tools without screens. They think the future is not about wearing things on your face.

🤖 Ai Pin's Cool Features
Ai Pin can write messages like you and sort your emails. It also has a camera for taking pictures and checking food for health info.

🌐 Availability & Support
You can buy Ai Pin in the U.S. from November 16. Humane got money from big names like Microsoft and OpenAI's boss, Sam Altman.

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