Netanyahu financed Hamas, he said this himself in 2019!

🇮🇱 Netanyahu's Defense: In March 2019, during a meeting with his Likud party, the then Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, defended transferring money to Hamas.

📅 Meetings: This happened on March 12 and March 11, 2019, in private meetings.

💰 Transferring Funds: Netanyahu said that transferring funds to Hamas weakened the pro-Oslo Palestinian Authority. This was part of a larger strategy.

🤝 Larger Strategy: By sending money to Hamas, Netanyahu wanted to keep the Palestinian groups divided. This would help prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.

🌐 Effect on Palestinian Factions: These actions would divide the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, making it harder for them to work together for a Palestinian state.

🚫 Preventing Palestinian State: Netanyahu emphasized that those who are against a Palestinian state should support transferring money to Hamas to achieve this goal.

📈 Goal: The main goal was to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from those in the West Bank, and thus hinder the establishment of a Palestinian state.

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