Most wanted Australia, Busted in Turkey, By FBI Controlled Phone App An0m

🚔 Big Crime Bust in Turkey: Turkey captures alleged Australian drug lord, Hakan Ayik, and 36 others linked to an international crime ring, during a major bust in Istanbul.

👤 Who is Hakan Ayik?: Known as the "Facebook gangster" in Australia, Ayik has been on New South Wales' most wanted list for over a decade due to his involvement in large-scale drug trafficking.

🏍️ Gang Activities: The detainees were part of the Comanchero motorcycle gang, accused globally of drug trafficking, manslaughter, looting, and money laundering, as shared by Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya.

📲 FBI's Secret App: Interestingly, the FBI says Ayik unknowingly helped them arrest hundreds of criminals through an FBI-controlled app, which he and others believed was encrypted.

🌎 International Manhunt: Besides Turkey, U.S., Australia, and New Zealand authorities have also been tracking this crime ring. Duax Hohepa Ngakuru, another leader of the ring, was arrested and is wanted in New Zealand.

💼 Legal Actions: Istanbul's chief prosecutor is suing the Comanchero gang for laundering assets in Turkey. The drug trade connected to this case spans multiple countries across continents.

🎥 Arrest Footage: Turkish authorities shared a video of the arrests, showing special agents and narcotics officers storming residences, seizing weapons and foreign currency.

🌐 Interpol Involvement: Back in 2010, after Australian police arrested Ayik's associates, an Interpol warrant was issued for Ayik when he didn't return from a trip to Hong Kong.

🔐 The An0m App Scandal: A 2021 indictment revealed Ayik's role in popularizing the An0m app among criminal networks, which was actually an FBI-monitored platform.

👮 International Cooperation: Australian Federal Police praised Turkey's significant operation against transnational criminals, reflecting on the collaborative efforts in fighting global crime.

🛎️ Hotel Ownership: Ayik, known for flaunting his wealth on social media, was reportedly the owner of a hotel in Istanbul's financial district, where he appeared often.

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