Monero Street Prices Are Coming

🪙 The Split in Monero Prices
We are currently in the early stages of a two-phase split in Monero prices. Globally, the predicted delisting of XMR is underway, with fiat/XMR off-on ramps being rapidly disabled. Centralized exchanges are eagerly participating in this campaign, as CEXs are designed to control crypto. Monero, being uncontrollable, must therefore be eliminated.

 🛠️ Phase 1 : Delisting Monero Worldwide
The first phase, which is nearly complete, involves the global delisting of Monero and shutting down all fiat on/off ramps. At the same time, any developer associated with on-chain privacy is being threatened with imprisonment and extradition to the USA.

 🏦 Phase 2 : Managing the Fake Monero Price
Once the first phase is complete, the major manipulated exchanges will maintain Monero solely to manage its fake price. However, these same exchanges, which list a price for Monero, possess at most a "price ticker" and no real Monero. Monero is a coin that is actually used, so just having a "price ticker" on your exchange is insufficient if you cannot withdraw Monero, as people genuinely need XMR. If withdrawals are not possible, users will seek alternative ways to buy it on-chain.

🌐 Phase 3 : Searching for Monero Outside Centralized Exchanges
In this phase, people will start searching for Monero outside of centralized exchanges, likely through P2P transactions. They will begin to realize that exchanges offer them nothing but "fake Monero." Trusted buyer/seller networks will emerge as long as cash remains available. Price differences between CEXs and street prices will grow significantly, varying by country and "risk," creating a distinct street XMR price detached from the uniform CEX prices online.

 💳 Phase 4 : Mainstream Adoption and Need for Monero
In this phase, XMR will become mainstream as people realize they need it. This will coincide with the rollout of a points system combined with a CBDC. At this point, cash will be virtually nonexistent or only available as "coupons." This is likely to happen around 2030-2040. Only products from supermarkets, purchased via your bank app linked to your credit system, will be allowed. An excess of certain items (milk, meat, candy, cookies, etc.) will lower your social credit score, risking government privileges. The need for items will remain, and with prohibitions, the only thing that changes is the "way to obtain them." Currently based on cash, a CBDC and cash are opposites; a CBDC is useless if cash is an escape route, which the bankers understand, hence the ongoing war on cash. In this period, even the average person wanting an extra bag of candy will turn to Monero, as there will be few other ways to obtain it.

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