Meta Considers Monthly Subscription for Ad-Free Experience 🌐

Meta's Proposal to EU : Meta is contemplating introducing a monthly subscription fee for Facebook and Instagram users who wish to avoid personalized ads. This move is seen as a response to the EU's stringent privacy regulations. 🇪🇺

Subscription Details 💰:
- Desktop Users: €10 ($10.50) monthly for using Facebook or Instagram. An additional €6 for every linked account. 🖥️
- Mobile Users: €13 for accessing either app on mobile, and €19 for both. 📱

Reason for Higher Mobile Costs: The increased cost for mobile subscriptions is due to the commission on in-app payments by Apple and Google's app stores. 🍏🤖

For Non-Subscribers: Users who choose not to subscribe will still see personalized ads derived from their online activities. 🛍️

Data Collection Controversy 📊:
- Meta, especially Facebook, is under scrutiny for collecting approximately 52,000 data points on every user.
- Users are automatically included in this data collection unless they opt out through a hidden consent form in the app's help section. 📝
- This opt-out form was introduced in April following a decision by EU privacy regulators in December. ⚖️

EU's Stance 🏛️:
- The European Court of Justice mandates Meta to obtain clear consent before data collection.
- The upcoming EU Digital Markets Act also emphasizes user consent and mandates service accessibility even without consent.

Meta's Meeting with DPC 🤝:
- Meta presented its subscription model, termed "SNA" (Subscription No Ads), to Ireland's Data Protection Commission (DPC) as a potential solution to the EU's regulations.
- Since Meta's European HQ is in Ireland, the DPC will oversee the law's enforcement. 🍀

DPC's Response: Neither the DPC nor Brussels regulators have given any comments on Meta's proposal. 🤐

Meta's Statement 🎙️: A representative from Meta expressed the company's belief in "free services supported by personalized ads" but also acknowledged the exploration of "options to ensure compliance with evolving regulatory requirements."


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