London Steps Up Crypto Surveillance with Specialized Police Team

Crackdown on Crypto Crime 👮 London's Metropolitan Police forms a 40-member team to tackle increasing cryptocurrency-related criminal activities.

Operational Team 🚀 Initiated recruitment in December, the team became operational in May, reflecting growing concerns over crypto's role in illegal enterprises.

Crypto: A Criminal Tool 🛠️ Detective Inspector Geoff Donoghue highlights crypto's pervasive role in organized crime, mentioning its use in drugs, arms, and human trafficking.

Active Investigations 🕵️ With 19 ongoing criminal investigations based on 74 "intelligence referrals," the team's formation is timely amidst the crypto economy's expansion.

Bear Market Irrelevant to Crime 📉 The crypto bear market hasn’t curbed digital assets' use in crime, implying a sustained challenge for law enforcement.

Serving a Large Jurisdiction 🌆 The Metropolitan Police, serving 8.6 million people in greater London, escalates efforts to police the digital asset realm as crypto crimes surge.

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