Ledger Wallet Hacked

🔒 Ledger ConnectKit Library Compromise: Detailed Overview
The ConnectKit library from Ledger, crucial for many DApps, has been compromised by a 'wallet drainer,' posing a huge security risk.

🌐 Cause and Consequences of the Vulnerability
This vulnerability was caused by a compromise of a content delivery network, leading to potentially dangerous code injections in multiple DApps, putting users and their assets at risk.

⚠️ Important Steps for Users
Users are advised to be cautious when interacting with DApps and stay alert to unusual transaction requests from browser wallets like MetaMask.

🛠️ Ledger's Response and Recovery Measures
Ledger is a shit wallet, we are warning for years to not use this wallet ever. It's a complete misconception that your coins are stored "offline" this is all a marketing stunt. Coins are held on a blockchain never "on" a ledger or any wallet! So, the DApps using the library must also implement the updated version for full security.

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