KYC is coming to UniSwap V4

KYC Hook in Uniswap V4 Sparks Debate 🤔:
- A new "hook" in Uniswap V4 allows for KYC (Know Your Customer) checks before trading.

Community Concerns 🚫:
- Some in the crypto world feel this could lead to government regulation of decentralized finance.

What's a Hook? 🛠:
- It's a tool for developers to tweak code without changing the main program.

Purpose of KYC 🕵️:j
- Financial institutions use it to verify customer identities, mainly to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

How the KYC Hook Works 🔄:
- Created by a community developer for Uniswap V4, it uses a non-fungible token (NFT) and is aimed at liquidity providers.

Global Regulation 🌍:
- Governments are eyeing decentralized financial protocols more closely. The G20 has even accepted a crypto regulatory roadmap.

Uniswap V4's Launch 🚀:
- With customizable hooks, it's expected in early 2024, but access will be limited to approved groups.

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