Kremlin Concerned About Israel-Palestinian Situation 🌍

- Kremlin's Stance: The Kremlin is deeply worried about the escalating situation in Israel and Palestinian Territories, hinting at a potential larger Middle East conflict. 🇷🇺😟
- Ongoing Battle: Israeli troops clashed with Hamas gunmen for over two days after the militants' deadly assault from Gaza. Israel prepares for its largest-ever mobilization. 🇮🇱🔫
- Dmitry Peskov's Comment: "We are extremely concerned about the potential spillover danger," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. 🎙️⚠️
- Russia's Relationships: Russia maintains ties with Arab nations, Iran, Hamas, and Israel. The country urges both Palestinians and Israelis to halt violence. 🌐🤝
- Middle East Quartet & West: Moscow blames the West for hindering the Middle East Quartet's efforts. 🚫🕊️
- Russia's Stand on Palestine: Moscow supports an independent Palestinian state based on 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. 🗺️🕊️
- Arab League's View: Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Arab League chief, emphasizes that violence will persist unless the Palestinian issue is addressed. He also promotes a peaceful solution to the conflict. 🌍🗣️
- Sergei Lavrov's Statement: Lavrov asserts that the current status quo is unsustainable. He calls for an end to violence and understanding the root causes of the Palestinian problem. 🇷🇺🎙️
- Aboul Gheit's Perspective: Advocating non-violence, he demands a just and political resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 🕊️🤝
- Russian Citizens: Peskov mentioned that there's no information yet about Russian casualties in Israel. Russia is in touch with Palestinians regarding any Russians hurt in Gaza strikes. 🇷🇺📞📄

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