Kenya to Lead Security Mission in Haiti 🌍🇰🇪

Kenya is taking the lead in a multinational security mission in Haiti to tackle the numerous criminal gangs and militant groups.

🗳️ The UN Security Council approved this mission, with 13 members voting in favor and Russia and China abstaining.

👮‍♂️ This force will not be directly under the UN but will be led by Kenyan commanders. They'll protect key locations such as ports, hospitals, and schools and will collaborate with Haiti's national police.

🇰🇪 Kenya has promised up to 1,000 soldiers, and other countries will also contribute resources. The US has already pledged $200 million.

🕊️ Martin Kimani, Kenya's representative to the UN, stated that this mission offers hope to the beleaguered people of Haiti.

🚨 The US has frequently pointed to the concerning security situation in Haiti, especially after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021. Crime, including kidnappings and murders, has skyrocketed.

🤝 Although there were previous concerns about foreign intervention in Haiti, the current government has asked for help multiple times since Moise's assassination.

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