Justice Reconsiders: Confirms a Link to Gaza in Brussels Attack 🔄

Introduction: 📰
The Federal Prosecutor's Office confirms the death of the assailant behind the Brussels attack, reopening the possibility of a connection to the ongoing Gaza conflict, a shift from previous statements. Follow all updates in our live blog.

Attack Unveiled: 🕗
On Monday evening around 7:15 PM, gunfire echoed through Brussels' center. The assault claimed two Swedish lives and severely injured another.

Assailant Neutralized: ☠️
The suspect, a 45-year-old Tunisian residing illegally in Belgium, was fatally shot in Schaerbeek this morning. Known to security forces yet not listed on the OCAD register, his demise is now confirmed by the federal prosecutor's office.

Threat Level Elevated: 🚨
In response, threat levels have been heightened to 4 in Brussels and 3 countrywide, leading to several school closures in the capital today.

Re-evaluating Gaza Link: 🤔
The Gaza conflict link, previously dismissed, is now back on the table. Eric Van Der Sypt from the federal prosecutor's office highlighted the attacker's social media activity supporting the Palestinian cause, hinting at a potential motivation tied to Gaza's ongoing strife.

Investigation Continues: 🔍
The prosecution is exploring "all possible leads" to ascertain the exact motives behind this violent act. The deep-dive into the assailant's social media and other evidences might shed light on whether the Gaza conflict played a part in motivating this tragic event.

Conclusion: 🌐
As Brussels mourns the victims and grapples with heightened security measures, the quest for understanding the true motive behind the attack continues, potentially intertwining international conflicts with local acts of violenc

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