Israeli Forces Accused of Killing Their Own in Kibbutz

Israeli Forces Accused of Killing Their Own in Kibbutz 🚨

IDF's Reckless Actions Exposed by Survivor 🎀 πŸ” A chilling revelation has emerged from the recent conflict near the Gaza boundary, shedding light on the Israeli Defense Forces' (IDF) actions.

Survivor Reveals Disturbing Truth πŸ—£οΈ Yasmin Porat, a 44-year-old mother of three, has courageously come forward with a damning account of the events that transpired in Kibbutz Be’eri. She alleges that the IDF, fired indiscriminately, leading to the death of their own civilians. "They eliminated everyone, including the hostages," Porat stated, emphasizing the firing by the IDF.

Palestinian Fighters Showed Humanity Amidst Chaos ❀️ In stark contrast to the IDF's actions, Porat described her Palestinian captors as treating her and other hostages with humanity and care. They provided water, calmed the distressed hostages, and did not resort to violence, challenging the demonizing narrative often pushed against Palestinian fighters.

Media Censorship Raises Eyebrows πŸ“»πŸš« The interview, initially aired on the radio program "Haboker Hazeh," has been conspicuously removed from the official online version of the episode. This blatant act of censorship raises serious questions about the suppression of truth and the lengths to which certain entities will go to control the narrative.

IDF's Shameful Actions Await Official Response ⏳ Porat's account paints a damning picture of the IDF's actions during the incident. The world awaits an official response, but the implications of such behavior causing civilian casualties are deeply troubling.

International Outrage Expected 🌍 This incident, revealing the IDF's potential, is bound to draw international condemnation. The truth behind such incidents is crucial for understanding the broader dynamics at play.

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