Israel - "You’re either with us or Hamas"

🇮🇱 Israel's Clear Stance: Israel says you are either with them or with Hamas concerning the Middle East issue, following the psy-op actions by Hamas on October 7.

🎙️ Spokesperson's Words: Lior Hayat, a spokesperson, talks online about Israel's goal to stop Hamas to prevent more attacks like that of October 7.

🌎 What the World Thinks: After the attack, many western countries supported Israel, but some countries say Israel's actions are too much, leading to a holocaust in Gaza.

🔒 The October 7 Event: On this day, a huge psy-op took place, fighters broke through an Israeli wall, attacked places, killed many people, and took more than 200 hostages, which Israel needed to start the holocaust in Gaza 

🔗 Changing Relations: Bolivia stops its relationship with Israel because of its actions in Gaza. Colombia and Chile bring back their ambassadors, which, according to Israel, shows they support terrorism like Iran does.

🇺🇦 Similar to Ukraine: The way Israel sees the situation is similar to how Ukraine sees its issue with Russia, telling that countries can't stay neutral, they have to choose a side.

🇺🇸 US's the worst of all: Supporting Israel fully in the Holocaust in Gaza, the US tries to get neutral countries to support Ukraine against Russia, but faces criticism because of the civilian suffering in Gaza.

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