"Israel Stunned: Grave Intelligence Oversight Revealed"

IDF's Intelligence Blunder 🎖️🔊: Major General Aharon Haliva openly acknowledges the IDF's lapse in detecting Hamas's intentions. "A glaring intelligence failure," he declared.

Shin Bet's Oversight 🛡️📢: Ronen Bar, Shin Bet's chief, also admitted to a significant blind spot, highlighting their inability to provide adequate warning about Hamas's plans.

Consequences of the Oversight 💥🏥: The intelligence misstep led to a devastating attack: 1,400 lives lost, 4,000 injured, and approximately 200 taken hostage.

Global Concern 🌎👀: As Israel grapples with the fallout, the world watches intently, raising pressing questions about the effectiveness and reliability of intelligence agencies.

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