Rare 1818 Dutch Cent Sold Over €100K at Auction

🤑 Rare Dutch Cent Sells for €110,000 A special Dutch cent from 1818 was sold for €110,000 at a coin auction. This is way more than the estimated value of €25,000.

🔍 Rarity and Condition The coin is a test strike from the time of King Willem I and was never used in public. Its rareness and perfect condition led to the high price.

👤 Buyer and Seller The buyer, possibly from the top-rich list 'Quote 500', and the older collector seller stay anonymous. The coin was auctioned by Karel de Geus.

📈 Record Sale This cent's sale is a record for the auction house. They make money from a part of the sale price and extra fees paid by the buyer.

🏅 Compared to Other Coins At the same auction, a gold coin from 1672 sold for only €46,000. Even though this coin looks nicer, the cent was more valuable

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