GTA6 Hacker Send To Secure Hospital For Indefinite Stay

🏥 Indefinite Hospital Stay for GTA6 Hacker
An 18-year-old British hacker, a key member of Lapsus$, was committed to a secure hospital for leaking GTA6 clips. He'll remain until deemed non-dangerous.

🧠 Mental Health Assessment
Due to acute autism, he was declared unfit for trial. His mental health assessment revealed a high motivation to return to cybercrime.

👨‍⚖️ Legal Proceedings
Arrested in January and March 2022, he faced charges including hacking and fraud but was released on bail.

🕵️‍♂️ Hacking Under Surveillance
While under police watch, he hacked into Rockstar Games' messaging system, threatening to leak GTA6 source code.

💰 Cost of the Cyber Attack
The attack on Rockstar Games, involving leaked game snippets, reportedly cost the company $5 million to recover.

🌐 Lapsus$ Group's Wider Impact
Lapsus$ is linked to numerous attacks on companies including Nvidia and Uber, from August 2020 to September 2022.

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