Governments Tracking Users Through Apple and Google Notifications


🔍 Government Spying via App Notifications
A U.S. senator warns that unidentified governments are spying on smartphone users through app push notifications.

📱 Apps as Surveillance Tools
Apps use push notifications for updates, but these notifications travel through Google and Apple's servers, giving these companies unique insights into app traffic.

👁️ Potential for Government Surveillance
Through push notifications, governments can track user activities, collect location data, and potentially view personal messages.

🗣️ Senator Wyden's Call to DOJ
Senator Ron Wyden urges the Department of Justice to revise or repeal policies that hinder public discussions about spying through notifications.

🍏 Apple's Response on Transparency
Apple states that the letter allows them to share more details about how governments monitor push notifications.

🕵️‍♂️ Uncertainty About Involved Governments
Although specific governments aren't named, a source confirms that both foreign and U.S. agencies request metadata from push notifications.

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