Gaza now a ‘graveyard’ for children – UN agency

UNICEF's Plea for Gaza's Children 🌍😢
The Israel-Hamas conflict severely impacts Gaza's children. UNICEF highlights thousands dying and many facing violence and water crisis risks.

Child Death Toll and Crisis Impact 📉💔
Over 3,450 children have died in Gaza, with the daily toll rising. The conflict has further crippled Gaza's water system.

Dehydration and Mental Health Concerns 🚰🧠
Gaza's water capacity is down to 5%, putting 1 million children at risk. Pre-conflict, many children already needed mental health aid.

UNICEF's Call to Action 🕊️🚑
Elder urges for an end to the Gaza siege and open access crossings. The absence of a ceasefire and aid may intensify children's suffering. "Gaza now a ‘graveyard’ for children – UN agency"

Israel's Response to the UN 🇮🇱🌐
Israel criticizes the UN's response to Hamas's actions. Israel's UN ambassador symbolically wears yellow stars, invoking Holocaust memories.

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