Gaza Hospital System Collapsing

Immediate Need for Supplies ⚕️ The health ministry emphasizes the urgent requirement for medical supplies and fuel to restore essential services in the hospitals.

Insufficient Medical Staff 🩺 With only 30% of the medical staff available, the health infrastructure is struggling to provide necessary care to the injured.

Severe Medication Shortage 💊 Medications for treating critical illnesses like cancer, diabetes and kidney failure have run out, making the situation increasingly dire.

Infrastructure Damage Due to Conflict 🛑 Several medical facilities and ambulances have been damaged or destroyed, further straining the already fragile health infrastructure.

High Casualty Toll 📈 The ongoing conflict has resulted in a high number of casualties, putting additional pressure on the collapsing healthcare system.

UN Secretary-General's Warning ⚠️ Antonio Guterres warns about the escalating situation and calls for unimpeded humanitarian aid along with an immediate ceasefire.

Differing Stances at UN 🌐 Israeli Ambassador to the UN calls for Guterres' resignation accusing him of showing "compassion" for terrorists, reflecting the tense diplomatic relations.

Humanitarian Aid Requirement 🤝 The call for opening safe corridors for humanitarian aid emphasizes the desperate need for international assistance to alleviate the crisis.

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