Extremist party leader Tino Chrupalla hospitalized, "hints of assault"

AfD Leader Hospitalized After Alleged Attack

🚑 Hospitalization
Tino Chrupalla, co-chair of AfD, hospitalized after collapsing at an event in Ingolstadt.
💉 Cause of Collapse
Hints of an “assault incident” with a syringe that may have triggered an anaphylactic shock, though not yet confirmed.
🤳 Event Details
Chrupalla had collapsed post selfies. Some reports mention no injury, others say his condition is still under scrutiny.
🔍 Ongoing Investigation
The Ingolstadt Criminal Investigation Department is on the case. They're seeking photos or videos related to the incident.
Security Concerns & AfD's Standing
🚷 Security Threats to AfD
Members, including Chrupalla, have faced threats and attacks. The necessity to relocate a politician and family is unprecedented in post-war Germany.
📈 Party's Growth & Challenges
AfD's popularity rises amidst opposition from other political factions and media. They've been labeled extremists and face potential political bans.
🚫 Media and Governance
AfD’s youth wing faces surveillance. The party's faced exclusion from major news channels and is labeled as a potential democratic threat.
📜 About AfD
Founded in 2013, it's known for opposing liberal migration, LGBTQ rights, and EU bureaucracy. The party now stands second in popularity after the Christian Democratic Union.

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