EU Urges Musk to Tackle X Platform Disinformation after Hamas attack🇪🇺🚀🐦

EU's Industry Chief Speaks to Musk: The EU's industry leader addressed Elon Musk about disinformation spreading on his X messaging platform following Hamas' attack on Israel. 🚀🇪🇺

Platform Misuse: Thierry Breton highlighted concerns that X, which was once known as Twitter, is being utilized to spread illegal content in the EU. 🐦🚫

Call for Action: "I urge you to ensure your systems are robust and inform my team about the crisis measures you've taken," Breton penned in a letter to Musk. ✉️🔍

Digital Services Act (DSA): The new EU online rules necessitate platforms like X to address illegal content and threats to public security. 🌐🛡️

Cooperation with Authorities: Breton expects X to collaborate with law enforcement and Europol. He emphasized a swift response to their inquiries. 🚓💼

Compliance & Penalties: Breton's team will monitor DSA compliance closely. Failing to adhere to the DSA might lead to significant EU fines, potentially up to 6% of a company's global turnover. 💶❌

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