Elon Musk's true nature revealed

🌍 Musk's Stand Against Genocide Advocacy
Elon Musk, the owner of X social media network, declares a strict policy: Accounts advocating genocide will be removed. This follows after Musk faced backlash for his perceived agreement with an anti-Semitic post.

🚫 Increased Hate Speech Allegations
Under Musk's leadership, accusations of a rise in hate speech, including anti-Semitism, have emerged. Musk was recently accused of endorsing an anti-Semitic trope.

📢 Clear Terms for Account Suspension
Musk clarifies: Phrases implying genocide or extreme violence, like "decolonization" and "From the river to the sea," will lead to suspension from X, in alignment with the platform's terms of service.

📉 Corporate Backlash and Revenue Drop
Following Musk's controversial comments, IBM and other major corporations like Disney and Apple have pulled their ads from X, leading to a significant drop in the platform's advertising revenue.

🤡 X (twitter) not so free after all
Its clear now, Elon Musk is a zionist to, hiding behind a mask of "freedom", what he is really saying is, "when you support Palestine you will be removed". This something we said long time ago, Elon Musk is a dirty puppet that's all.

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