Egypt said it, 'we warned Israel for Hamas' 🚫

- Egypt's Warning: Egypt informed Israel that Hamas was planning a major move. Israeli officials, however, shifted their focus to the West Bank.. 🔮🔀
- Underestimation: "We warned them a big situation is coming. They underestimated our warnings," said an Egyptian intelligence source. 📢😮
- Egypt as Mediator: Historically, Egypt has played the role of mediator between Israel and Hamas. 🤝🇪🇬
- Internal Issues in Israel: The Israeli government was distracted by internal conflicts, especially concerning Netanyahu's judicial overhaul plans. ⚖️🤷
- Intelligence Failure: The events in Gaza revealed a significant lapse in Israel's intelligence, previously believed to have extensive coverage in the area. 🕵️❌
- Yaakov Amidror's Statement: "This operation proves our intelligence in Gaza wasn't good," said a former adviser to Netanyahu. 🗣️🤔
- Military's Response: While military officials acknowledge the need for an explanation, their stance is "first, we fight, then we investigate." 🥊🔍
- Hamas' Suprise Attack: Hamas launched unexpected attacks at various Gaza border locations. Over 700 people have died, and over 2,200 are injured in these assaults. 🚀💥
- Israel's Counteraction: In retaliation, Israel conducted massive airstrikes on Gaza and might initiate a ground operation. They have declared a state of war. ✈️💣📜

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