Dutch Police Finds 20KG Gold In Car

Surprising Highway Gold Discovery 🚗
On the bustling A1 highway, a routine patrol turned extraordinary when the police pulled over a driver. What unfolded next was far from routine - nestled in the car was over 20 kilos of gold. The treasure trove of gold bars and jewelry was securely tucked away in a 'sizeable suitcase,' the police noted.

Late Night Inspection Unveils Treasure 🌜
The clock was nearing midnight, it was around 11:00 PM when the Flexible Intervention Team of the police decided to inspect a seemingly ordinary vehicle near Bathmen, a stone's throw away from Deventer. The night had more in store than they could have anticipated.

Driver's Missing Documentation Leads to Seizure 📑
Questions arose as the driver was unable to provide the necessary paperwork or articulate a valid reason for transporting such a hefty amount of gold. This led the officers to seize the precious items for a detailed further investigation, delving into the mystery behind this golden haul.

The Gold's Weighty Reveal Unfolds ⚖️
The tale of the scales told the final part of this nighttime narrative. When the gold, along with its packaging, was placed on the weighing scale, the needle swung past the 20-kilo mark, settling slightly over 21 kilos. This highway encounter turned into a weighty revelation, literally!

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