🇭🇷 Croatian President Criticizes Israel's Actions in Gaza

🇭🇷 Milanovic's Loss of Sympathy for Israel:
Croatian President Zoran Milanovic expresses his disapproval towards Israel following the bombings on civilians in Gaza, stating that Israel's actions have surpassed self-defense.

🏴 Flag Display Criticism:
Milanovic criticizes the Croatian Foreign Ministry's decision to fly an Israeli flag as "idiotic" and inappropriate, even in the face of the horrific actions by Hamas.

🎙 Remarks to Reporters:
Speaking to reporters, Milanovic condemns Hamas' attacks but argues that Israel's retaliation on civilians is unacceptable. He emphasizes that the right to self-defense does not include revenge and killing civilians.

🚀 Response to Hamas' Attack:
Following a surprise attack by Hamas on Israeli bases and settlements, killing over 1,300 Israeli citizens, Israel declared war on Hamas and conducted bombings in Gaza.

📊 Civilian Casualties:
Recent figures reveal at least 1,900 Palestinians, including 614 children and 370 women, have been killed, with 7,696 injured over the past week due to the conflict.

🇭🇷 National Flag Protocol:
Milanovic explains that other flags have no place in Croatia outside strictly regulated circumstances and emphasizes the precedence of the Croatian flag over others.

🌐 Milanovic's Unconventional Stances:
Milanovic, has previously criticized certain international slogans and actions, and has voiced his concerns regarding the EU's treatment of some member states, including Croatia.

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