Consequences of Hezbollah's Involvement in War will be huge

Netanyahu's Warning: 📢
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned Hezbollah against joining the Israel-Hamas conflict. He stated that such an action would be the "mistake of its life" and that Lebanon would face severe consequences in retaliation.

Reference to Past Conflicts:
Netanyahu alluded to the Second Lebanon War in 2006, where Israel launched operations in southern Lebanon and Beirut following Hezbollah's incursions into Israel. The conflict resulted in significant casualties on both sides.

Recent Engagements: 💥
While there have been exchanges of fire between Israeli and Hezbollah forces since the Hamas conflict began, no large-scale incursion has occurred. However, the Lebanese militia's activities have intensified recently, leading to heightened tensions.

Reactions and Responses: 🛡️
Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned of repercussions for Hezbollah's increased involvement. Meanwhile, reports suggest that the US is advising Israel against engaging in a two-front war.

Hezbollah's Stance: 🎙️
Hezbollah's deputy leader, Naim Qassem, stated that the group is central to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. He emphasized their readiness for potential escalation.

Evacuations in Israel: 🏠
Many Israelis near the Lebanese border have been evacuated. Several communities have been directed to seek temporary accommodations due to the escalating situation.

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