Chinese Police Crack Down on $300 Million Cryptocurrency Money Laundering Case


💰 Exploiting Virtual Currencies for Money Laundering
The suspects took advantage of the anonymous and decentralized nature of virtual currencies to conduct unlawful exchange operations between the Chinese Renminbi (RMB) and the South Korean Won.

💼 The Scheme Facilitated Money Laundering Activities
This illicit scheme facilitated large-scale money laundering activities across borders.

🔎 Discovery and Investigation
Authorities uncovered the operation through the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Panshi City Public Security Bureau. Key leads pointed to Jin Moudong and Shen Mou, residents of Jilin, who conducted currency exchange businesses in both China and South Korea. They lured unsuspecting individuals into fraudulent transactions before returning to China.

🚔 Apprehension and Seizure
After gathering substantial evidence, a police task force arrested Jin Moudong, Shen Mou, and their associates. The operation resulted in the seizure of numerous bank cards and tools used in the commission of the crimes.

💼 Criminal Network Activities
The investigation revealed various illegal activities, including using domestic accounts for fund transfers, conducting over-the-counter trades of virtual currencies, and settling transactions in Korean Won. The network served Korean purchasing agents, cross-border e-commerce platforms, and import-export trading companies.

🚨 Other Crypto-related Arrests
- Austrian Crypto Fraud: Six individuals were arrested in connection with an online scam related to a supposed new cryptocurrency. Assets totaling €2 million were seized and frozen.

- Instagram Influencer Sentenced: Jay Mazini, aka Jebara Igbara, received a seven-year prison sentence for orchestrating a multi-million dollar crypto Ponzi scheme.

- Queensland Police Operation: Four individuals were arrested and charged for an alleged crypto investment fraud on the Gold Coast after an investigation by the Financial and Cyber Crime Group Money Laundering Unit began in July 2022.

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